Mastering the essential skills: clinical study reports

An interactive, intensive, one-day workshop designed to help you master the key skills required to manage and produce high-quality, submission-ready clinical study reports.


The production of clinical study reports is an essential component of any clinical development programme. One of the keys to a successful submission is the inclusion of documents that are well-written, clear and precise, that are therefore easy to read and understand and intuitive to navigate. "Mastering the essential skills: clinical study reports" is an interactive, intensive, one-day workshop designed to help you master the key skills required to manage and produce high quality, submission-ready clinical study reports.


The main objective of this workshop is to equip you with the essential skills required for the management and preparation of high quality clinical study reports. This course includes in-depth sessions on both the writing of clinical study reports and their project management, covering issues such as predicting timelines, responding to changes in scope and managing review cycles. The workshop will include practical group exercises and discussions so that participants can practise new skills and learn from each other’s experiences.

who will benefit

This course is intended for medical writers with moderate to little experience of writing clinical study reports as well as experienced writers wishing to perfect their skills or update their knowledge. Members of clinical study teams who interact with medical writers during the development of clinical study reports will also benefit. Participants will improve their writing skills and achieve a sharper awareness of the processes involved in writing clinical study reports.

how to book

Please contact Kristina Corpet by email at contact@scinopsis.com or by telephone on +33 494 83 90 20. For participants from France, please note that Scinopsis has accredited trainer status, so you may be eligible for reimbursement of the fees as part of your annual training budget.

in-house training

Please note that our training course can also be tailored to your company’s needs and given in-house if preferred.

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